We know how to identify value, create opportunities, and uncover potential.

Market Tested Expertise

Wolcott is a value-focused investor, owner, and operator that strategically invests in real estate and real estate-secured assets through opportunistic, value-add, and new construction investment strategies. We are property-type, geographic, and structure-agnostic.


We make direct investments and provide capital to partners through joint ventures, preferred equity, general partner equity, and co-investment. Wolcott has forged relationships with partners, operators, and lenders over many years through sound strategy, execution, and trust. We often have multiple investments with an operating partner targeting a specific strategy, asset type, or market.

We conduct comprehensive due diligence and underwriting driven by thorough research and analysis. We are distinguished from other investors, however, by having true operating experience resulting in hands-on investment management during the life cycle of our investments.

Our real estate investments are often in markets with supply/demand imbalances, emerging or overlooked markets, or locations with significant in-migration. We select value-add investments with high potential to drive long-term value through capital improvement programs, leasing, and operating efficiencies.

Wolcott has earned a reputation for executing deep-value and opportunistic investments, including adaptive reuse, condominium deconversion, partially constructed projects, acquisition of real estate secured loans, and investments in distressed situations where complicated issues are impairing value. These investments are typically time sensitive and may include: performing and non-performing whole loans and loan pools, unsustainable capital structures, recapitalizations, and rescue capital.

Thoughtful Portfolio Construction

We seek to create a highly diverse and balanced portfolio with varying capital structures and investment size, property type and asset quality, location, and investment horizon, that generates consistent and sustainable returns for our investors and mitigates downside risk by design. 

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